Different Types of Hearing Aids


Sl #Name & modelChannel noRemarks
1Fast P 4 
2Fun P6 
3Fun SP6 
Sl #Name & modelChannel noRemarks
1Run P8Mobile fitting
2Run SP8Mobile fitting
3Motion     P 1Px16BTE Type
4Motion     P 2Px16BTE Type
5Motion     P 3Px24BTE Type
6Motion     P 5Px32BTE Type
7Motion     P 7Px48BTE Type
8Motion     SP 1Px16BTE Type
9Motion     SP 2Px16BTE Type
10Motion     SP 3Px24BTE Type
11Motion     SP 5Px32BTE Type
12Motion     SP 7Px48BTE Type
13INTUIS      2 SP12 
14Insio    1Px16CIC
15Insio    2Px16CIC
16Insio    3Px24CIC
17Insio    5Px32CIC
18Insio    7Px48CIC
19Pure    1Px16RIC
20Pure    2Px16RIC
21Pure    3Px24RIC
22Pure    5Px32RIC
23Pure    7Px48RIC
24Pure     3NX24RIC (Made for i-Phone)
25Pure     5NX32RIC (Made for i-Phone)
26Pure     7NX48RIC (Made for i-Phone)
27Pure charge & Go     1NX16Rechargeable (RIC)
28Pure charge & Go     2NX16Rechargeable (RIC)
29Pure charge & Go     3NX24Rechargeable (RIC)
30Pure charge & Go     5NX32Rechargeable  (RIC)
31Pure charge & Go     7NX48Rechargeable  (RIC)
32Styletto Connect       324Rechargeable super quality
33Styletto Connect       532Rechargeable super quality
34Styletto Connect       748Rechargeable super quality
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