Syed Nazrul Islam

Managing Director

Ear Care & Hearing Aid Centre Ltd.

The Name of Hearing Aid Centre is Ear Care & Hearing Aid Centre Ltd. is the ideal Hearing Care Centre in Bangladesh.

About Us:

Ear Care & Hearing Aid Centre Ltd. was founded to service the audiology fraternity with equipment, instrumentation and accessories. We subscribe to a philosophy for product selections which ensures quality products and most affordable prices to clients. 

We provides the diagnosis hearing loss through different Hearing Test and provides appropriate Hearing Aid for specific patient. It was founded in 2001 with Quality service by the name of “Ear Care & Hearing Aid Centre” (ECHAC) but in order to better service ECHAC was converted as Limited company in 2015.

ECHACL strives to offer specialized one-stop solutions to all ENT Doctors, Audiologists and Hearing Aids / Instruments Dispensers in Bangladesh. Our products range from variety of audiometric equipment, assistive listening devices, hearing aids / instruments accessories, assorted hearing products to laboratory materials and equipment. In order to provide high quality service to patient, recently ECHACL launch Cochlear Implant. Besides providing the most comprehensive range of products, ECHACL also ensures the products offered are tested and of best quality. Hence, ECHACL focus on both product quality test as well as setting up a good quality management system.

Since our establishment, ECHACL has provided many hospitals, audiology centers, and hearing aids/instruments fitting centers with our high-quality products and excellent service support through our 60 Dealers all over Bangladesh. We strive to be a complete one-stop supply source for our clients, addressing all the backend needs and requirements, so that our clients could in turn be able to focus more on helping and servicing their hearing-impaired patients.

With such an objective in mind to support our clients, we welcome any customized requests from our customers, and also provides marketing and consultancy services for our clients, to assist them to provide better services as well as reach out to more hearing-impaired patients. ECHACL strives to be the ideal partner for all our clients in Bangladesh.

Sector: Health Care

Industry: Health Care Facilities and Services

Sub-Industry: Health Aid, Audio logical Instrument & Cochlear Implant


               Type                                                                                       Number

Company Registration Number                                                       C-120409/15

Trade License Number                                                                      03-039976

Tax Identification Number (TIN)                                                      548206680972

Value Added Tax (VAT) Business Identification Number (BIN)  000092583

Import Registration Certificate (IRC) Number                                 193847


Bing an un-parallel ear care service using updated new invented technology.


Through helping attitude, be a complete hearing solution provider with low cost and high quality.


Let us to help you for caring your hearing.

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