Motion P 1px BTE

Brand: Signia
Model: Motion P 1px BTE Twin Mic
No. of Channels: 16
Product Type: BTE
Battery Type: 13
Fitting range: 77 dB-110 dB
Category: Severe to Profound H/L


Short description:
1. Programmable.
2. It offers true binaural capabilities. Suitable for Mild to severe hearing loss.
3. One sound equalizer.
4. Remote controlled.
5. Touch control app
6. Nano coated housing

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Brand: Signia Model: Intuis 3 CIC/ITC No. of Channels: 12 Product Type: CIC/ITC Battery Type: 10 Fitting range: 61 dB-90 dB Category: Moderate to Severe H/LPure 1px RIC